ten years of experience have shaped our proven method to locate talented individuals for you.

At Pro R.E.A. Staffing, we’ve perfected our process of recruiting talented and qualified real estate assistants, marketing coordinators and more.

Our search process offers our clients significant advantages over other methods of attracting talented real estate assistants. As experienced professionals, we represent our clients in the most consistent and dignified manner from the initial contact to the final offer and acceptance. Our process attracts the best talent and improves the chances of a successful fit with our client company.

Take a look at our 11-step process of ensuring we find you the perfect fit—while saving you the time of doing all of these steps yourself!


Step One: Assess Client Needs

During our initial launch call, we’ll listen carefully to your needs and ask detailed questions to identify the position-specific skill set, preferred experience and daily functions of the role you’re hiring for. We’ll also speak with other “stakeholders” such as partners or co-workers to capture the intangible elements of the position and to set expectations.


Step Two: Develop Position Summary

After the launch call, we’ll craft for you a job description based on the experience, qualities and functions desired.


Step Three: Define Search Universe

We then will identify and target areas where we’re likely to find qualified individuals. These may include competitors, similar environments and vendors. We’ll also contact our referral sources and conduct a search in our extensive candidate database.


Step Four: Recruit Candidates

Next, we’ll begin the active phase of the search by reaching out to target candidates and referral sources, as well as posting ads to specific job boards and promoting the job on social media.


Step Five: Interview Candidates

Our favorite part! We’ll interview the most promising candidates utilizing a two-part screening process. The second interview is conducted over video and is recorded. Video conferencing allows us to meet “face-to-face” with every candidate, no matter where they are located.

Using ProR.E.A. Staffing has allowed me to focus on my clients, real estate and lead generating creating an incredible 1st quarter of the year. Having you as a leverage point and partner in the hiring process has been a wonderful and easy experience, your team has been open and easy to connect with and willing to refine our search and our candidate pool as clarity came thru the process.
— Kama Dersham, Keller Williams Realty, Portland Central


Step Six: Qualify Candidates

Qualified candidate are then assigned the DISC Behavioral Profile and asked to submit a writing sample so we can get a sense of their personality and writing style.


Step Seven: Present Search Results

Once we’ve narrowed it down to the top candidates, we’ll review the results of the search with you to analyze industry trends, the talent pool and best candidates interviewed. You’ll receive the resume, DISC assessment, writing sample and reference notes for each candidate.


Step Eight: Interview Select Candidates

Once you have your top picks, we’ll coordinate interviews on your behalf for you to meet, hopefully in person.


Step Nine: Call References

While you’re meeting with the top candidates, we conduct a thorough reference check. Our goal is to gain a 360-degree view of the candidate by speaking to managers, co-workers, vendors, clients and/or subordinates of the candidate. Our notes from these conversations are captured in a form and submitted to you for review.


Step Ten: Present Offer Package

Once you’ve picked your top choice, we’ll help you prepare an offer that will be accepted on the spot. We clear away issues that come up during contract negotiations and suggest terms that will ensure immediate acceptance.


Step Eleven: Consult During Transition

We guarantee our candidates for their first 90 days of employment. This means that if they leave our client’s employ for any reason, we will replace them at no additional charge. We remain available as a consultant during the candidate’s transition to your office in order to ensure a successful long-term fit. We are dedicated to your success and our goal is to make placements that last for years!



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